Aloha Flat Stanley!
St Francis School, Honolulu, Hawaii Welcomes Flat Stanley fromStafford School, West Linn, Oregon

Flat Stanley on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, Hawaii

Flat Stanley is on his way to meet his new friends in Ms. Magee's class at St. Francis School in Manoa, which is not far from Waikiki Beach on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. Manoa is a suburb of the city of Honolulu. We have been exploring it on Google Earth.
Manoa, a suburb of the city of Honolulu, Hawaii

We also found St. Francis School and are excited for Stanley's arrival there! Mrs. Amri mailed him First Class, so he would arrive quickly.

As is usual for February here in West Linn, Oregon, the weather has been rainy and cold. West Linn is a suburb of the city of Portland. Stanley is hoping for a little warmer weather on his visit. We want to invite our friends to write to us on our wiki. We are exploring Wikispaces as a tool to communicate with other students and collaborate on projects. We will always try to ask you a question at the end of our writing. We created for you a greeting with Fotobabble which is a fun way to send a greeting card!

What is the weather like in Hawaii now?What things make you happy?How are you celebrating St. Valentine's Day?
It is hot and humid.We like dancing, ice skating, surfing, flag football, skate boarding, and going to the beach.Yes, we celebrated St. Valentine's Day too.

Here is our Voicethread that we made for you to celebrate our friendship!We loved skyping together.You are an awesome class, Na Nai'a!