Flat Stanleys' Celebrating a Snow Day - 3/13/2012

Flat Stanley at Nevin's House - 600ft.

Here is Flat Stanley at my house (Nevin).We have 3 1/4 inches of snow and its only 11am.


Flat Stanley is warming up from a cold snow day.


Flat Stanley’s Adventure With Arthur
I woke up this morning and saw it had been snowing a lot. I got really excited and wanted to go outside to play so badly. It was a little weird because my mom was still sleeping and later we found out school was closed. Stanley and I asked, "Can we go out and play in the snow?" Mom said, “Yes…yay!” We were so glad and got our snow gear on quickly and immediately started to make a snowman. When my sisters came outside we had a snowball fight. After that Stanley and I wanted to measure how much snow there was. We found out there had fallen 6 inches. That is the same as 15 cm and a lot of snow. After playing outside in the snow for a few hours my mom made hot chocolate with candy canes. Such a fun morning Stanley and I had!


Brookie and Flat Stanley make a great snowman!